Amount of Representation

Explore the documents below to learn how this provision developed in each draft.

Sep 11, 1787
Committee of Style Report

After another month of debate, the Framers created a five-member team to polish and arrange the text: the Committee of Style. In about three days, they wrote this almost final draft that turned the previous 23 articles into seven. New printed copies were made for all of the delegates, including this one with handwritten notes by Delawarean Jacob Broom.

Sep 16, 1787
Official Printing of the U.S. Constitution

Though most of the text was final, the Framers made a few more changes during the convention’s last days. On September 15, they voted on the Constitution with all the states present agreeing before signing the document on September 17, 1787. This is one of the official copies printed for the delegates, Congress, and the states. The text below is as it was published in 1787 before it was changed by later amendments.